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  • Patience Pays Off

    Patience Pays Off

    Hunting a mature buck is entirely different than hunting a younger buck. By most standards, a buck is considered mature when they hit the age of 3.5. From then on, they seem to be a completely different beast. How they act, and most importantly react, …

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  • How to Get Ready for Waterfowl Season

    How to Get Ready for Waterfowl Season

    Editor’s Note: While walking in a nearby park, I’ve noticed increasing numbers of waterfowl on its small ponds. Realizing that there’s a good number of mallards and resident geese that rarely, if ever, participate in the summer or winter migrations. I also have seen some …

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  • Find the Does, Find the Bucks

    Find the Does, Find the Bucks

    It’s safe to say that we are amidst the best hunting of the year. The rut seems to be in full swing and buck sightings are at an all-time high. However, capitalizing on a buck who is covering a lot of ground, or a buck …

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  • Autumn Whitetails: Part II

    Autumn Whitetails: Part II

    This is the time of the year when thousands of bucks meet their demise. It’s no surprise that more deer, especially bucks, are harvested during the month of November. Cooler temps and the onset of the rut has deer on their feet more than any …

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  • Autumn Whitetails

    Autumn Whitetails

    During this special time of the year, for a brief period, the hunting opportunities are amazing. It only takes a few hours on stand to realize what I’m talking about. The onset of the whitetail deer rut is hands down the best time to be …

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