The Management Minute by Andrew Walters

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  • Early Season Food Sources

    Early Season Food Sources

    When it comes to hunting early season whitetails it is common for hunters to gravitate toward agricultural crops such as corn and soybeans. Many hunters also have their own food plots established consisting of a variety of seeds and forage types. While it is tough …

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  • In-Depth Look at Doves

    In-Depth Look at Doves

    Labor Day is quickly approaching which is commonly associated with opening day of dove season in North Carolina. I have covered some of the basic biology of the mourning dove along with a few hunting strategies that can be used to help reach your bag …

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  • Hunting With Aerial Maps

    Hunting With Aerial Maps

    There are many modern gadgets and devices that hunters utilize on a regular basis to assist them in their management and hunting endeavors. We have become experts at using trail cameras and GPS units that allow us to mark specific locations. Aerial maps are another …

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  • Deer Harvest Recordation

    Deer Harvest Recordation

    Hopefully you will get a chance to harvest a few deer this year. If you’re lucky you may even get a crack at that trophy buck you have trail camera pictures of. As hunters, we usually plan out many things and do our best to …

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  • Understanding EHD

    Understanding EHD

    I have talked to numerous landowners that have asked many questions regarding epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD.) The questions arise along the late summer and early fall, around the time peak EHD mortalities occur. The giveaway is usually when the landowner finds numerous dead deer in …

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