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  • No Complaints!

    No Complaints!

    Getting Paid to Go Fishing! Mike Purcell and I started the morning getting acquainted with each other in his new Explorer, which is quite nice, while waiting out not one, but two lines of storms. I don’t know how much rain we’ve had since last …

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  • The Good, and the Bad of Ms. Irene

    The Good, and the Bad of Ms. Irene

    Never forget to remain humble and grateful for what we have in our lives today, at any time with a wave of his hand the “Big Man” upstairs can wipe it all away. First fishing trip since Irene and except for one thing I was …

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  • Hello Miss Irene!

    Hello Miss Irene!

    That’s a great beach they’ve given us for $27 million. There’s a whole lot of anxious folks waiting to see how it holds up in the first test. I’m reminded as my girls are playing in the shadow of the new Jennette’s Pier 24 hours …

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  • What a screwy day!

    What a screwy day!

    Tuesday, Aug. 23, what a screwy day! Billy and I had been talking about taking his son, Ryan, drum fishing before school started and Tuesday was the day we picked. We had an office meeting scheduled for 8:30 and it got canceled at the last …

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  • It’s Not All About Catching Fish!

    It’s Not All About Catching Fish!

    You don’t HAVE to get up early to catch a speckled trout but look at all you’re missing if you don’t. …

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