The Management Minute by Andrew Walters

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  • The Original Conservationists

    The Original Conservationists

    The Bugle of a bull elk. The gobble of a roosted tom. The whistle of a bobwhite. These are all sounds created by wildlife that drives us to wake up before sunrise, brave the most extreme weather and spend endless hours waiting for a chance …

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  • Winter Scouting and Preparation

    Winter Scouting and Preparation

    For most hunters, unless we are chasing small game, there is a lull between the end of whitetail deer season and the beginning of turkey season. Being trapped inside during the winter months, commonly referred to as cabin fever, can definitely drive an outdoorsmen insane.The …

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  • A Clearcut Advantage

    A Clearcut Advantage

    Most hunters are familiar with clearcuts and have probably hunted over one at some point. Sometimes referred to as cutovers or cutdowns, these habitats are wildlife magnets. Many hunting leases include land with clearcuts and it is generally accepted that every so often a landowner …

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  • Why You Need A Management Plan

    Why You Need A Management Plan

    Without a plan, whatever you are trying to achieve is just an idea. This is exactly why as hunters and outdoorsmen, we need a management plan specifically made for our property. The landowner with the management plan is usually the one who consistently has enjoyable …

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  • Swamp Sense

    Swamp Sense

    This past weekend I made a quick scouting trip to the back side of my hunting property. I had a general idea of where I was going and what I wanted to do. To say that my recent hunts have been uneventful would be an …

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